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July 18-20th 2023


3 days of web3 conference and workshops sessions organized by the Polkadot Community

Program of 2022
Polkadot Francophonie
French Federation of Blockchain Professionals
Blockchain Innov
Blockchain HEC
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Program background
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What is pasrisdotcomm?

A 3-day blockchain conference in Paris, highlighting the Polkadot ecosystem, focusing on the blockchain world, real-world applications, and fostering collaboration. The event features expert-led discussions, project presentations, workshops, and networking opportunities for professionals and enthusiasts in the blockchain industry.

Offering an inclusive space to meet, greet, talk and exchange thoughts, and perhaps kick off the next interesting collaboration.

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main stage

Auditorium will be dedicated to the the web3 topics

  • Blockchain and Web

  • Web3 projects

  • Institutional and corporate

  • Blockchain interoperability

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second stage

"Salle du Haut Conseil" will be dedicated to the Polkadot ecosystem: conferences, panels and workshops

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    Networking space

    The pillar room will be divided into into 4 spaces to host:

    • catering and chill working space

    • NFT exhibition with TakTik screens and technology

    • a press room space will be deployed in the lodges

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    Special evening events

    "La Salle du Haut Conseil" and the rooftop will host:

    • networking event on the first day

    • networking party on the second day

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    Program background

    Program 2023

    July 18-20th

    day 1

    18th: 9am - 8.30pm

    (institutional networking event)

    day 1

    19th: 9am - 10pm

    (networking party event)

    day 1

    20th: 9am - 4pm

    (closing door ceremony)

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    was designed to create strong and durable cultural ties while cultivating constructive dialogue between the Arab World, France, and Europe. Since its creation it has become a place of cultural exchange in Paris but also an interlocutor in the field of mathematics and research.

    about ilu
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